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I’ve added a cool new feature to the Discord server, a way to find people with similar gaming interests!

To accomplish this, I’m using the Dynobot ‘ranks’ system. The solution allows anyone to request they be added to as many game titles as they wish, then you can click someones name and see what game titles they are interested in.

There’s more information Here On The Discord Info page on how to use the ranks and about the bot. Be sure to do all commands in the ‘botspam’ room so that we can alleviate some needless notifications to others in the server.

If there’s a multiplayer game that isn’t listed in the ranks, which you would like, simply let me know in the ‘special-requests’ discord room and I’ll get it added – Just remember, ONLY multiplayer games are added (outside of MovieNight, because that’s just fun lol)

We’ve added an email newsletter system to the website, we’ll use this to send out updates and alike when things are going on, but we’ll not spam you or anything like that.

From the newsletter you will hear about a range of topics, from server updates, to website updates, community features and announcements provided by community members as well.

You do not have to be a member of the website to receive the email newsletter!

Well it’s time I got this rolling, WhySoSalty now has a store for merchandise!


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