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Why So Salty is a network for Content Creators which works a little differently than most, our goal is not to take over the creator but only to assist them with tools and a community. We support our creators independent growth, direction and plans in any way that is possible to us. Through being a part of the WSS network, we hope to help expose creators to new patrons from other creators here, as well as expose our patrons to different creators within the network.

We believe that creators have been strangled by networks, forced to operate in ways that are not to their own style and thus restricted creatively. We’re set to fix all of that.

Creators in the WSS Network will be responsible for their own content, their own profits and own actions. We won’t dictate any of this, nor take a cut of their profits. We simply provide our services to them at no cost, their repayment is by promoting us and the services we provide them.

Here at WSS we believe this is the future of Creator Networks and we are dedicated to helping to lead the way!

If you are interested in being part of our network, please contact us! There are a few requirements, for starters we want gamers, active streamers / creators, over 18 age and that your target audience is also over 18. Beyond that we do want to look over your content, as well as make sure you are a similar character to ours, generally speaking.

Things our network does not promote include racism, bigotry, hate speech, other forms of abusive material. That being said, we are all adults, have a bit of character and thus, tend to not be the universal appeal type. Our creators do use language and content which can be offensive, you’ll need to take your disagreements about such things to them (part of allowing them freedom, is the responsibility of their content is theirs). That being said, if you feel offended by something, it might be best to not view that material anymore, that’s likely the easiest solution in most cases.

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