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Why So Salty is a community for gaming content creators, their fans and alike!

A Bit About Why So Salty

Our goal is to provide Content Creators with a space to showcase their efforts, venues and otherwise to their community of followers. Unlike many communities, our goal is simply to promote the creator and ask them promote us, we leave them to manage and make their content as they see fit.

Listing your stream information in our directory is free and provided you are a gaming streamer, does not require membership outside of creating a free account on our website.

Even if you don’t want to be an ‘official part of WSS’ and advertise us, you can still make an account, setup your own listing in our directory and make a group (with a forum) on our website for your followers. Helping to promote the community is strictly our focus!

Become A Member

Members enjoy all of the features which we have to offer! You can customize your profile, connect with current and new friends as well as join groups of content creators and discuss many topics in our forums!

List Your Content

As a member, you can list your creator profile in our directory! It’s free and real easy. Just visit the Community page once registered and then Directory Dashboard to get started! Your listing will appear in our directory automatically. (Gamers only, must be a content creator type of venue specifically)

Start A Group

Once a member, you can create your own group which comes with a forum! It’s easy – just register, go to Community -> Create A Group and then invite your friends!

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